Welcome to the Biosafety Training Institute (BTI)

The Biosafety Training Institute (BTI) has been developed by The University of Edinburgh as a centre of excellence, delivering accredited professional biosafety training courses to a specialist audience most of whom have first degrees, with many also having postgraduate qualifications.

Initially targeted at biological and biomedical research workers in Universities, the BTI courses are suitable for anyone with a role in health and safety within a biological or biomedical environment, including biotechnology or pharmaceutical industries.



Biosafety Practitioner Level 1

The BTI is the only UK provider to offer this accredited course as a full ONLINE course and a HYBRID course (combination of online and face to face teaching).  This course is suitable for the UK market.

Professional Course in Biorisk Management

The Professional Course in Biorisk Management is an online course.  This course is suitable for the International market.


“A thoroughly useful course, entirely relevant to my job and learning requirements"

“Very good course, enjoyable and rewarding.  Extremely good for career development”

“Very worthwhile and highly useful”

    Next course dates

    Biosafety Practitioner Level 1 (Online)   29 January - 4 March 2020

Biosafety Practitioner Level 1 (Hybrid)       5 February - 13 March 2020

     Professional Course in Biorisk Management - various dates available