Biosafety Practitioner Level 1

The Institute of Safety in Technology and Research (ISTR) has developed a competency framework for those that seek to progress in the field of biological safety.
This scheme comprises two levels; Level 1 (the Biosafety Practitioner) and Level 2 (the Biosafety Professional) and is widely supported by Biological Safety Practitioners and the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE).  Its launch is timely, following on from the release of the Callaghan Report, which itself supported the setting of competence criteria for Biological Safety Practitioners.  It also allows the UK to be an active partner with other European states in the development of European Biosafety standards.

The Biosafety Training Institute is proud to be hosting the Biosafety Practitioner Level 1 courses.

Summary of Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course modules, delegates will be in the position to

  • effectively manage the health and safety aspects of a biological laboratory
  • give reliable, professional and informed advice and information to colleagues and managers
  • help to ensure that their institution complies with relevant legislation, liaise effectively with enforcing authorities and be aware of the penalties for failing to comply

The delegate will learn how each of the component parts of the course inter-link providing a clear strand encompassing hazard, risk management, licensing, auditing and ultimate destruction of biological agents.  Delegates will gain the confidence to communicate with laboratory staff, managers and occupational health advisors to the extent of becoming a key member of staff in control of biological agents in their organisation.  For more information, please see the full list of Modules and Learning Outcomes .

BTI Biosafety Practitioner Level 1 courses - Information / How to Book

The BTI offers the Biosafety Practitioner Level 1 course in two formats: online and hybrid. 

Please click on the images below to visit each page for more details and information about registering for a BTI Biosafety Practitioner Level 1 course.


Successful completion - Registration with ISTR as a Biosafety Practitioner

Once attendees have completed all of the units provided in the course (and have passed the assessment), attendees can become registered by ISTR as Level 1 Practitioners if they have two years' relevant experience.

Details on how to apply for ISTR registration will be provided by the BTI at the end of the course.

Further information, including details of accreditation, is available from the ISTR website.

BTI Community

BTI Face to Face
The BTI likes to keep in touch with its delegates and offer ongoing assistance and advice.  Once a delegate has confirmation of a course booking,  the BTI will invite them to join "BTI-Net", a private Facebook discussion group. Past and present BTI delegates use this forum to keep in touch with others who were on their course, network with others in the sector, to ask advice and to share news of interest.  Participating in this group is entirely optional.